Guide to Thailand fishing Baits

Thailand has a wide variety of fish species, necessitating a wide range of lures and techniques for catching them. This is by no way an extensive list, but it is something to consider and a great start for anybody that wants to play with varying amalgamation and blends on their fishing tour in Thailand.

Some of the most common baits used in fishing are stated below:

Bread (Thai – Kanom bang) – The most common type of bait for fishes is bread. These are of two types, one is edible, and the other is non-edible. It is normal sandwich bread that is nutritious for people that can be purchased from most stores. All of the variations are available, including white, thick-sliced, sliced deli, garlic bread, caramel bread, almond bread, and the second one is smell-enhanced bread. This is specific bread, designed to be used as live bait. This is non-edible for humans.

Ground fishing bait – This lure is identical to western European bait or system mix in which it can be used separately or in combination with bread, and it is wrapped around a feeder and poured into the water. They are, once again, available at any fish market or fishing spot.

Fruit baits – Fruit baits can be a very effective lure for many fish species, and they are probably very convenient to obtain as most street corners would have a fruit stall. You will need to chop and combine them. The fruit is then commonly coupled with plain unflavoured Sandwich bread. Using the right mixture is critical because it will create a powerful odor that will leave a long lasting effect in the water.

Flavored liquids – These tiny bottles of very powerful preservatives can also be purchased from most fishing supplies stores and aquatic spots. But, since they are inexpensive and available in a multitude of varieties, it is easy to get carried away and add too much of this material. Too much can confuse the fish and have the inverse result.