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What are the Costs of Bathroom Refurbishment?

Remodeling a bathroom space means that you have to take various factors in consideration, in order to be assured of proper Bathroom Refurbishment Mandurah. With a proper renovation, you can have a bathroom space that you would love to use often, and which can impress the guests and visitors to your home. Want to know about the costs of renovating your bathroom area? Read on and know!


When you opt for a new vanity with top, you will be expected to pay something in the range of 500 to 3,000 USD. Customers, on an average, have to spend as much as 1,250 USD for getting a bathroom vanity during Bathroom Refurbishment Mandurah. You have to find out about the cost of the vanity in your area from a local home improvement store.


The price for every square foot of tile forBathroom Refurbishment Mandurahwill be in the range of 3 – 20 USD. Customers are usually expected to spend, on an average, 8 USD for each square foot. The cost would be for showers and / or floors. Luxury vinyl plank is a less costly substitute for tile flooring, and it has an average cost of 4 to 5 USD per square foot.

Tile showers may be the center of attention in your bathroom, but can make the costs increase as well. Some of the Bathroom Refurbishment Mandurah expense is for the material, although – for a tile shower – there is more labor needed. You can buy fiberglass tub / shower combinations for as less amount as 500 USD whereas you might have to spend over 3000 USD for a tile floor and tile shower. The amount of labor needed would be higher as well.

Glass shower doors

You may pick up a regular glass shower door for about 400 – 500 USD at your local home improvement / home renovation store. When you use custom showers, a regular glass door obtained from a home improvement store will not possibly work. In such cases, it would be important to choose a glass size company that can custom-size door and glass. Custom glass shower door may be in the price range of 1,250 – 2,800 USD.

Plumbing fixtures

Simple vanity faucet costs begin from 50USD, whereas customers generally spend around 90 USD to buy a vanity faucet. The prices for shower and tub fixtures can begin at 125USD, but may exceed 500 USD easily. Those interested in Bathroom Refurbishment Mandurah generally spend 175 USD.