Personal demands for a Flight Attendant


  • A pleasant character with exceptional interpersonal as well as communication skills
  • Able to work as part of a group
  • Able to work under stress and within a limited amount of time
  • Neat individual appearance at all times
  • Able to adjust easily to an uneven lifestyle
  • Able to please height needs, for some airline companies
  • Able to handle the physical needs of the work
  • At least 18 years old
  • Able to swim around 20-50 meters unaided, for some airlines


If you want to apply to become a flight attendant [สมัคร แอร์โฮสเตส, which is the term in Thai], please visit the website.


Education and Training for a Flight Attendant


You can function as a steward without official credentials. Entry needs may differ, but the major airlines generally need you to obtain your Senior Second Certificate of Education with great results in English as well as math, incorporated with the successful task of composed and functional exams, along with behavioral analyses. Access to this occupation may be improved if you have certifications and/or pertinent experience in the hospitality or client service market. You can also become a steward with a traineeship. Access requirements might vary, yet companies normally need Year 10. On consultation, steward undertakes preliminary in-house training, prior to commencing trip duties.


Added information


The significant airline companies like candidates that speak a second language or can show recognition of and regard for other cultures. Applicants are called to have a Provide Emergency Treatment Certificate, a Liable Solution of Alcohol certification as well as a valid passport, all with a minimum of one year’ legitimacy. All individuals operating in the airline sector have to please protection clearance requirements. Flight attendants receive regular training throughout their occupations and their efficiency is kept an eye on to ensure high criteria.


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