Vlogging tripod accessories- enhancing your video production setup

Vlogging is popular for individuals to share their daily lives, experiences, and skills with others. Whether you are an aspiring influencer or simply enjoy documenting your adventures, having the right equipment is essential for creating high-quality content. A sturdy and reliable tripod can help stabilize your camera and ensure that your videos are smooth and steady. However, many additional accessories can enhance your vlogging setup even further.

Smartphone Mount

Many vloggers use their smartphones as their primary cameras for filming videos on the go. If you fall into this category, investing in a smartphone mount for your tripod is a must-have accessory. A good quality smartphone mount should be adjustable so it accommodates different phone sizes and shapes. It should also be easy to install and remove from the tripod quickly so you switch between different devices if needed.

Remote Control

When shooting videos alone, it is challenging to operate both the camera and yourself simultaneously without causing unnecessary movements or shaking in the footage. By adding remote control to your kit, however, you easily trigger recordings from afar while standing still in front of the lens. Avoiding any unwanted vibrations caused by manual buttons on cameras or phones themselves. Remote controls come in various forms such as wired or wireless models operating via Bluetooth technology depending on what type suits your needs better; make sure they match well with compatible devices before purchasing one! If you want to get perfect match, check with blog like Vlogtribe.

LED Lights

Good lighting makes all the difference when it comes to producing high-quality video content – especially when shooting indoors or in low-light conditions outside! Adding LED lights onto tripods provides bright illumination evenly across subjects while removing harsh shadows from under chins thereby enhancing image quality significantly compared to natural light sources alone! LED lights vary widely based on their brightness levels measured by lumens output is choose one based on how much brightness suits particular scenarios best (e.g., daylight-balanced vs warm-colored ones).


Audio quality is just as crucial as visual quality when making great videos! Therefore, adding an external microphone connected either wirelessly through Bluetooth adapters directly plugged into cameras’ audio jacks helps capture clear sounds enabling viewers’ engagement throughout entire playback sessions resulting in higher watch times leading towards more successful channels over time! Microphones also come in varying types like shotgun mics directional ones picking up sound only within specific angles providing noiseless recording environments always using windscreen attachments preventing wind noises from affecting voices negatively recorded outdoors!

Tripod Dolly Wheels

If moving around frequently during filming trips is often required then adding wheels onto tripods called dolly wheels makes mobility easier than ever before. Allowing quick movements between locations without disassembling equipment constantly! These wheels come either built-in together with tripods upon purchase or mounted separately requiring installation beforehand but delivering greater flexibility concerning movement capabilities regardless of location types visited frequently (e.g., parks versus cities).