Unique Details About Source Technology Printer and Toner Products

Source Technology printers would be the cream from the crop in advanced printing technology which leads to some unique aspects about Source technology printing solutions. Actually, because the company’s only clients are printers and toners, they stand mind and shoulders over the industry. Their goods are not only seen probably the most searched for after high fidelity output however the security they provide is rivaled by none.

Source Technology printers and toners have unique niche features other printing products don’t offer. It might be apparent that whenever you combine these attributes with this particular printer company’s excellent production output and it is inexpensive operation, it’s not hard to realise why their printers and components are a fantastic answer for just about any size business.

The corporation offers robust security elements within their printers and associated software, which makes it well suited for printing private or fortunate documents. Their type of printers includes features mainstream printers don’t offer, for example, Source Technology’s ST9600 Secure Printer Models are designed for tough workloads with processors as quickly as 400 MHz, 32MB of memory and built-in duplexing. They are designed for easy network integration and have secure features like CheckPartner Enterprise (CPE) software making their printers ideal for banks, payroll and pharmacies.

The business’s knowledge of quality, customer service and security allows them to enjoy unusual and enormous clients like correctional institutions and also the WIC program.

They provide an array of reliable thermal printers that are ideal for printing barcodes once the longevity of output is imperative, particularly in occasions such as these within the medical industry. Shipping and warehousing are a couple of other fields where accurate barcoding can help to save outstanding intervals and cash by making certain correct labeling of deliveries and stored goods.

Their toners have been in a category on their own. Source Technology takes pride in our prime quality of the toners that are never remanufactured. Always using the atmosphere in your mind, the organization not just includes a toner recycling effort but they’re compliant using the EU Waste Electrical and Electronics (WEEE) initiative, the RoHS Directive.