Uncover the easiest method to Keep “Granny” Safer in your own home: Selecting Senior Technology for Elder Care

Telephone technologies and also the Internet have altered the planet but with regards to senior technology, particularly for senior safety in your own home, newer technologies could be a safety problem for “Granny”.

Telephones and make contact with service happen to be dealing with a technological revolution for many years but couple of think about the security trade-offs. Once the first cordless phone arrived on the scene, everybody switched without understanding that cordless phones aren’t effective inside a blackout… an apparent safety concern.

Newer technologies keep going into similar safety challenges. Consider it… the number of occasions have you ever arrived at for the mobile phone to locate the battery was dead? I simply arrived at in my new smartphone yesterday…. it had been kaput. Now, let’s say this became of Granny in desperate situations?

Also, millions have switched to Internet phone services without understanding that once the Cable is out, the same is true the telephone. Also, cable modems frequently venture out in blackout and reduces Internet phone services.

A typical reason Granny might need to demand assistance is when she falls. It’s believed that 1 / 2 of individuals older than 80 fall at least one time annually. Based on Yale College School Of Medicine, the likelihood of surviving are six occasions greater if someone who falls is located inside an hour.

Now, let’s suppose Granny falls and struggles to crawl towards the telephone and, in the end that effort, battery is dead! Battery failures and power interruptions could be a existence threatening situation. Within this situation, a great ol’ stretch-cord phones ruling common phone number service (Containers) could save Grandma’s existence, even just in a blackout. Yet, betting on the good telephone for safety can generate problems… let’s say Granny falls within the bathtub and should not arrive at the phone?

This is when Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) gets control. The main of PERS is really a button Granny wears 24 hrs each day. So, if she falls, all she must do is press it. She does not need to fiddle with small keys or smartphone sliding bars and icons. During the last 3 decades, this reliable and straightforward solution has saved numerous lives.