Tips For You To Decorate Your Apartment Without Spending A Lot

Creativity is our main ally when decorating an apartment, especially when we don’t want to spend so much on this task or low budget decorate a bedroom (ตกแต่ง ห้อง นอน งบ น้อย which is the term in Thai). It may not look like it, but it is possible to have an attractive decoration for little. With that in mind, we brought you some ideas that combine practicality and beauty without having to break your budget.

Check out 6 tips to decorate your apartment creatively without spending too much.

  1. Bet On Crates For Niches

Incorporating crates into the decoration has become commonplace. Its practicality combined with the rustic beauty of this item gives functionality in the organization of objects.

You can turn them into niches for different environments, such as in the kitchen, accommodating household items, or in the living room, such as shelves for decoration or placing books and stationery materials in the office. Just sand and paint the crates, which can be found in building supply stores or even in fairs and supermarkets.

  1. For The Kitchen, Look For Splash Panels

In addition to providing practicality when cleaning, splash panels are cheaper than tiles and can be found in different colors and themes, bringing charm and personality to your kitchen.

  1. Look For Furniture In Antique Bazaars And Fairs

Antique furniture gives your apartment a unique charm and is a trend in the decoration business. You can find them for an affordable price at antique fairs or large bazaars. With a little patience, you can get amazing pieces that match the environment you want to create.

  1. Wallpaper As An Ally

It allows you to give a special touch to your walls and furniture in a practical way. Besides offering several options of colors and themes, it is an easy-to-handle material, allowing you to apply it yourself. In this way, it is possible to add color to the different environments in your apartment without spending on labor for the painting.

  1. Search For DIY Tutorials

It is increasingly easy to find DIY tutorials to guide the task of building furniture from unusual materials such as pallets, PVC pipes, tires, milk cartons, etc.

Take advantage of this trend and try to build your pieces. This idea gives the apartment charm and personality and contributes to the recycling of the materials used.

  1. Decoration With Unusual Materials

Take advantage of unusual materials for your decoration, such as aluminum cans or glass bottles to create potted plants and Christmas lights to decorate the room and even bring lighting to the room.