Things You Got to Know to Tow Your Vehicle

There comes a time in everyone’s driving life where they need to call a tow vehicle to whisk their car away, whether it be from a breakdown, accident, or simply obtaining it moved from one place to another.

A usual technique when booking a Slide car Ramkhamhaeng [รถสไลด์รามคำแหง, which is the term in Thai] is to allow the operator to understand what car requires towing, as well as from this info, they will recognize what tow vehicle to send.

So, what are the various types of towing vehicles that could be sent out to you?

  • Flatbed tow vehicles

Flatbed towing trucks are amongst the most utilized towing trucks, particularly for guest automobiles. This tow truck includes a big flatbed that can turn, meaning the operating can bring the back of the flatbed to the ground, whilst increasing the front up in the air, to ensure that a car can be driven, or pulled by a chain and winch, onto the bed of the truck. When the automobile is totally on the bed of the vehicle, the bed can be leveled out once again, and then the vehicle will be protected.

  • Hook as well as chain tow trucks

Hook as well as chain towing trucks are probably the iconic towing vehicle. They’re not typically utilized today though, as a result of the potential damage they can cause to drivetrains as well as the damage they trigger to tires. The chain can harm the bumpers of vehicles, which isn’t perfect.

  • Wheel lift tow vehicles

This type of tow vehicle closely appears like the hook as well as chain, yet rather than a metal hook as well as chain, they utilize a gadget that hooks around the front or rear tires of the automobile, depending on whether the vehicle is rear- or front-wheel drive.

  • Integrated towing vehicles

The final sort of tow vehicle is the integrated Slide car Pathumwan [รถสไลด์ปทุมวัน, which is the term in Thai]. These vehicles are developed to tow other big rigs, so you won’t see one coming out to collect your little hatchback or even your huge 4×4. Integrated tow vehicles are built to tow vehicles such as buses, building tools, as well as naturally, various other trucks.