Things You Should Know Before Playing Bola Tangkas Online

Tangkas, also known as Agile Ball in some regions, is one of the most popular casino games. People adore its lack of complicated rules and easy-to-understand personality.

Moreover, owing to the sudden surge in its popularity, Bola Tangkas Online is available at numerous high-end casinos. You can register at platforms like Dewa303 and enjoy Tangkas or other globally renowned casino games.

In this article, you will discover the things one should know before playing Agile Ball.

The history of Tangkas

The origin of Tangkas is closely related to the inception of online gambling. The concept of online casinos and betting websites was new to a significant part of the population. People were beginning to understand all this when suddenly a massive bomb was dropped, namely, Tangkas.

Tangkas or Agile Ball originated back in the 1980s in Indonesia as a video poker game. It is a card game that involves forming the highest-ranking hand to defeat other players.

Moreover, although it may appear intimidating at first, you will soon find that it is hella entertaining and easy.

How to play online Tangkas?

To win a game in online Tangkas, all you have to do is form a particular set in your hands. It can be anything such as the royal flush, ace pair, three of a kind, flush, etc. But more on that later.

You may think that Tangkas is pretty similar to standard poker games. However, only a few can identify the minute details between these two. For starters, Tangkas allows players to have two joker cards instead of any card in the deck.

To play online Tangkas, the first thing you need to do is find a casino. Since it is a unique card game, you will only find it in high-end casinos like Dewa303. Next, register and deposit the money through its banking system.

Now you have to click on the deal option that deals seven cards to each player. The show begins now. Players can always review their hands and discard one or two cards accordingly. Generally, Bola Tangkas Online consists of four rounds only.

That is all for this game. Did you see how easy that was?

Different hand rankings in Tangkas

  • Royal flush- Royal flush is when the player forms a combination of ten Ace, K, Q, J, and 10 of the same symbol.
  • Five of a kind- This refers to a hand with all possible symbols of the same number.
  • Straight flush- It is a hand with a sequence of 5 consecutive numbers in ascending order.
  • Flush- A hand of five cards with no particular order.
  • Straight- It ranks above three of a kind and below a flush. Straight contains a combination of five cards with different symbols.
  • Three of a kind- It is a 3-card hand with the same color and symbols.
  • Ace pair- It is a 5-card set that contains only one pair of Aces.

Anyone from an ordinary man like us to you can understand and play Tangkas. Although not everyone is aware of this game, those who are cannot get enough of it.

So what are you waiting for now? Register at Dewa303 and let the fun begin.