The Background of Rolex Explorer II Watches

It’s interesting to think that on the one hand, Rolex generates fine luxury watches widespread for the general populace, who can afford them, of course. Yet, on the other hand, if you check out their collections, they were, in fact, at first produced for an extremely niche target market. The Submariner for divers, the GMT-Master for pilots, as well as the Explorer II for spelunkers. That’s right, spelunkers’ adventurers who discover caverns. Let’s explore the history of the Rolex Explorer II as well as explore its development via a handful of models.

Rolex Explorer II 

In 1971, Rolex unveiled the Explorer II as the bigger sibling to the initial Explorer I wristwatch. The inaugural recommendation was the Explorer II, showing off a 39mm stainless steel case as well as a matching steel bracelet. And also, since these watches were produced specifically for spelunkers, there are a couple of essential features that made them particularly sensible for them.

Initially, there’s the additional 24-hour hand that indicates taken care of the bezel with the 24-hour markings. The reasoning behind this was that individuals that explore caves frequent the dark, therefore, cannot tell the difference between AM as well as PM. Consequently, due to the fact that the 24-hour hand points to either 10 hours or 22 hours, the wearer can understand whether it’s night or day. It is necessary to keep in mind that Explorer II is not a dual time watch because the 24-hour hand is paired to the traditional hour hand as well as the bezel is fixed. We will see that later in Explorer II’s background, Rolex did make adjustments to make sure that the watch eventually ended up being a dual-time wristwatch.

Rolex outfitted the early designs of the Explorer II with an orange 24-hour hand, later on replacing it with a red one. However, those red ones really discolored orange over time, so today, all of the 24-hour hands discovered on Explorer II watches look orange! The Explorer II runs on the Rolex Quality 1575. This is the same mechanical motion of the GMT-Master manufactured throughout the same period.

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