Reasons why Newborn photography is a must

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There’s nothing quite like becoming a parent. The first time you lay eyes on your child, it’s an instantaneous and all-consuming love. You can’t help but want to preserve every perfect inch of them—and that’s where newborn photography comes in. 


Newborn photography is the perfect way to capture those early weeks and months when your child is changing and growing so rapidly. Here are just a few reasons why newborn photography is a must for every new parent.


To Remember How Small They Once Were


Babies grow so quickly! It feels like they’re changing every day. One minute they’re tiny and fragile, and the next they’re sitting up and babbling away. Newborn photography captures those early weeks and months when your baby is changing and growing so rapidly.


Those perfect little details—their itty bitty toes, their plump little cheeks—seem to disappear almost overnight. 


By having a professional photographer document this special time, you can look back and remember just how small they once were. Laura Tye Newborn Photography offers Newborn Photography at a reasonable price.


To Have Something to Share With Family & Friends


Welcoming a new baby into the world is an exciting time for family and friends too! Once you’ve had a chance to introduce your little one to everyone important in your life, you’ll want to have something tangible to share with those who couldn’t be there in person. Newborn photos are the perfect way to do just that.


You can create beautiful albums or prints to share with far-flung relatives or send out custom photo cards announcing your baby’s arrival. And let’s face it, even if Auntie Sue lives right down the street, looking at photos of a brand new baby is just more fun than hearing about them secondhand!


To Capture This Special Time Before It’s Gone


Those first few weeks (and really, the first year) fly by in such a blur. It feels like you blink and they’re already rolling over, or taking their first steps. If you try to rely on your memory alone, chances are you’ll forget all sorts of little details about those early days.


But with newborn photography, you can hold onto this special time forever. Every time you look at your photos, you’ll be transported back to those hazy, sleep-deprived early days of parenthood—and that’s a feeling worth treasuring. 




By having a professional photographer document this special time, you can look back at how small they once were, and share with family & friends. You will also capture this special before it’s gone. So contact us today!

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