Legal marijuana in Italy

Since 2013, medical marijuana and hemp cultivation have been linked in Italy. However, some political and religious groups are against the idea of legalizing cannabis. The next Italian government will likely have to decide whether to legalize cannabis or not. The Lega party and the Roman Catholic Church have both stated that it is against the legalization of cannabis. In Italy, twenty percent of young adults admit to using cannabis. The most common drugs caught by Italian police are hash and herbal cannabis.


Medical marijuana has been legal in Italy since 2013

It is illegal to grow and use marijuana in Italy unless you have a prescription. If you are caught, you could face jail time for six years or a fine of up to 260,000 euros. However, this punishment can be reduced to half or third in specific circumstances. However, Italians have long been interested in growing cannabis and using it for recreational purposes. The referendum will decide whether this practice will be legal in the country.


Italy became one of the top producers of hemp in the 1940s. However, the country’s hemp industry declined rapidly after World War II as the introduction of synthetic fibers reduced demand. The government made it illegal to grow hemp, but attitudes have changed significantly since then. In 2016, the government legalized the cultivation of industrial hemp. Today, Italy has a significant population of medical cannabis users.


The Italian government has taken great steps to legalize medical marijuana, but the process for regulating recreational cannabis is still ongoing. The cannabis legalization bill has several provisions that would make it legal for Italians to carry up to five grams for personal consumption. It would also allow citizens to grow up to five cannabis plants. In addition, the legislation would allow cannabis social clubs of up to 100 members.


This will hopefully end imports from the Netherlands. This new law will also result in stricter punishments for those caught using marijuana, particularly those involved with minors and those who violate medical authorizations. Meanwhile, Italian citizens will be able to help deflate the country’s black market.


Italy is among the EU countries with the most medicinal cannabis prescriptions. Its medical marijuana laws allow doctors and pharmacists to prescribe magistral preparations containing cannabinoids. These products can be inhaled or taken as decoctions. The active ingredient is extracted from cannabis grown under the approval of the National Cannabis Organization.


Italy has legalized the production and sale of cannabis light, also known as Marijuana Legale ,  a variety that contains low amounts of THC and high amounts of CBD. In addition, hemp production has become legal.


Hemp cultivation has been legal in Italy since 2016

Hemp cultivation in Italy has undergone a resurgence in recent years, with the Italian hemp industry generating more than 150 million euros. However, the market is highly fragmented and there are more than 1,500 players in the industry. The legal status of hemp in Italy depends on the type of hemp that is grown and the products that are produced from it.