Initiative 71 and Getting D.C. Weed in 2022

Blog - Weed Delivery In DCThanks to red tape, it’s hard to find a recreational dc weed dispensary in Washington D.C. despite the capital’s passing of Initiative 71 that legalizes possession, distribution, and gifting of weed in the nation’s capital.


It’s one step forward and two steps back in the road to the legalization of what’s basically a safe pain relief method that has fewer side effects than many of the legal pain relief drugs in the market to date. However, you can still get your weed in Washington by these tips.


Attack the Loophole with a Loophole


  • The Gift Shop Loophole: One way to get D.C. cannabis in the streets of D.C. despite the distinct lack of dispensaries for an otherwise perfectly legal product is to get them through online gift shops that gift you with weed after every purchase. It’s a roundabout but effective way to get your fix!


  • How about Non-DC Residents? Usually, it depends on the statewide laws of where you reside. If it’s legal to you by medical prescription, get a prescription and you can get some D.C. mail order weed delivered to you through the Internet legally. If it’s totally banned, purchase at your own risk.


  • Many Brands to Choose from: You can also find online dispensaries wherein you can buy cannabis brands for hash, seeds, oils, vape pens, and edibles directly. Some brands may offer you more marijuana options in Washington while others deliver a specific product to D.C. and other cities and states.


  • Sorted Out the Brands: Click on the link above to find some top brands sorted by the webmaster by his own personal favorites. He knows which ones are on the up and up, especially those that deliver within the Washington D.C. area. 


  • Know What You’re Looking For: You can go to the same link and get a Buying Guide with all the specific brands to choose from. However, it really helps if you have had experience in buying weed before and you know what to look for, whether it’s a joint or hash for your bong. 


  • Online Guides for Online Repositories: Aside from growing your own cannabis or getting it as a gift from a friend, you can legally obtain weed in D.C. through online guides that are updated weekly. There’re more hoops to jump with recreational marijuana compared to medical marijuana.


  • Quality Distributors of Cannabis: The featured link offers gift shops offering recreational weed that has been personally inspected, sampled, and approved by the webmaster for quality control purposes. You won’t get any bunk, seedy, or questionable grassy products there.


  • Approved by Marijuana Connoisseurs:The guide also covers marijuana distributors offering different grades and quality of hash, from skunk to gasoline in order to give you different THC or CBD highs, whether you’re an indica or sativa type of weed smoker.


  • The Medical Prescription Method: If you feel like buying art supplies, school supplies, or Hallmark cards in order to get a recreational cannabis gift is too silly a way to get your fix, you can always request for a medical prescription if you intend to use the cannabis to relieve any muscle pain and whatnot.