High-CBD Cannabis Light: effects, varieties and controversies

The clash and balance between THC and CBD are the two essential points on which the battle between legal Cannabis light and illegal varieties of cannabis has been fought since the law liberalizing the trade and use of Cannabis light was enacted in Italy in 2016. On the one hand, tetrahydrocannabinol is a psychotropic substance that causes alterations in perception and addiction: for this reason, Cannabis Light approved by the law must contain only a minimal amount of it, balanced among other things by the positive effects of cannabidiol.

Is High level CBD Cannabis Light legal?

That of CBD concentrations being too high is a hot controversy in the industry. The fact that cannabidiol has no psychotropic effects, in fact, may mean that this herb will not be addictive, but not that it is suitable for any consumer.

Pregnant women and hypothetical individuals, for example, should take special care in approaching these varieties of weed, even if they are perfectly legal.

However, some experts push the issue even further upstream, wondering whether it is actually possible to grow cannabis varieties with a higher CBD chemical composition.

Finding weed varieties on the market that indicate CBD levels of 20 percent or higher is possible; the question one should ask, however, is whether it is really possible to grow it naturally, while remaining within the realm of legal hemp, among other things.

In fact, CBD levels of 20% or more are sometimes exhibited commercially, but they are very rare in marijuana, just as extremely sought-after are the skills necessary for their cultivation, which thus often resorts to gimmicks of various kinds before release on the market (from spraying CBD on the inflorescences to a more trivial, as well as deceptive, tweaking of the percentages on the labels).

Finally, one must take into account the sort of natural proportion that exists between THC and CBD, which makes it practically impossible to place on the market a light marijuana that exceeds 22% CBD (a threshold that is already quite high), without at the same time exceeding even 0.5% THC (a percentage that is necessary, this one, to keep cannabis in the realm of legality).

The effects of high CBD in Cannabis Light

Among the effects of cannabis light with high CBD content, the most sought-after and appreciated are the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, which would make this particular type of marijuana rich in applications in the medical field as well (to soothe, for example, chronic pain or counteract the advance of tumors-an issue still under study). Prevention against neurodegenerative diseases and reduction of epileptic episodes (as well as spasms and seizures in general), finally, complete the picture of possible applications of high-CBD cannabis on the human body – also still the subject of studies whose results need further confirmation from the scientific community.

A more widely recognized use of light cannabis, on the other hand, goes in search of its relaxing and anxiolytic qualities, ideal during the most stressful and tension-laden periods, as it would promote sleep and appetite stimulation. Also along these lines, in cases of psychosis, some suggest the use of Cannabis Light for the reduction of acute episodes, such as those related to schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, due to its natural antidepressant properties.

For all these uses, we would strongly recommend that you consult your physician “before” engaging in any CBD use.

 The question about high CBD content remains open among both growers and traders: some retailer-guaranteed CBD thresholds remain significantly high. Most products on the market, in fact, remain in a range within 18 percent, but it is not uncommon to find products with as much as 30 percent CBD indicated, although these classifications are far from the norm and difficult to certify. Always consider the concentrations of THC and CBD in Cannabis Light when you purchase and look for the Best Quality Cannabis Light .