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Garden statues

Gardening can be one hell of a job at times. It’s not just mowing the lawn and watering the flowers every once in a while. If you’re seriously into this, you’d like your garden to be aesthetic and stand out from everyone else’s. How could you do that? Well, ornaments like garden statues are one way to help you achieve this.

Here’s why garden statues are a necessity for every garden

  • They contemplate your designs.

The statues are more than just some stone art-works standing idle in your garden. They’re built to add a new dimension of aesthetics to the garden. Of course, you have a fantastic nursery of flowers, exotic plants, and a calm, tranquil pool — but that isn’t enough all the time.

The ornaments and stone-works add to all the serenity of the gardens. Creative art is valued at all places, and gardens are one of its best exhibitions.

  • They are stress relievers, psychologists say

Pieces of art can help improve moods and reduce stress, according to several psychologists. Gardens are one of the best escapes from the fast-paced lifestyle these days. There cannot be a better place to add garden statues, arts of high quality than your garden.

  • Statues improve the quality of space.

If you’re into gardening, you’d want to optimize your space. Filling them with flowers and herbs of all kinds is one way to do it, but it can only go so far. Chances are you’ll still be left with pretty much a lot of space. You can put that emptiness to use with ornaments and garden statues.

What garden statues would suit my garden the best?

There is no definite answer to this. It could depend upon the style and theme of the gardens and to individuals’ tastes. A baroque garden style would mean marble statues positioned to contemplate their designs. The vintage-style statues are some of the most appealing designs that are there. To some, it could look totally out of place, and we’re okay with that.

That is when you need to look for more statues with modern art. The best places to get inspiration from would be museums and theme parks.

Modern sculptures are mostly concrete or plastic, with shiny paints that stand out against the rusty-looking vintage styles. Modern garden art styles come in various forms, from futuristic designs to aesthetic garden statues. There are too many options to choose from. You could add a fountain that’s also a statue or use recycled materials to sculpt an art or two.

Natural gardens

Natural gardens are a particular category, and if you happen to plan one, you need to adopt the best ‘eco’ styles. As such, the garden statues to follow would need to be of wood or even living structures in the form of trees.

Even when choosing metal and similar materials, they can be interpreted to appear more naturalistic.

Your own art pieces

If you don’t intend to spend a lot on garden statues and sculptures, you can add your own art according to the garden’s theme.