Donating for Hungry Children Israel: Reasons to Consider

The most unfortunate victims of Israel’s poverty crisis are innocent youngsters.

In Israel, nearly 800,000 children are now living in poverty. Meir Panim’s Meals for Children program feeds needy children in Israel one hot, nutritious meal every day, because no child should go to bed hungry. Children from low-income families are humiliated to be sent to school every day without a meal. They are forced to sit and watch their friends eat as their tummies ache at lunchtime.

Meir Panim has improved children’s academic and overall performance dramatically.

These kids are healthier and happier, more social, and better able to concentrate on their studies rather than hunger pangs.

Initiatives For Hungry Children Israel

We do everything we can as a non-profit to address poverty, hunger, and food insecurity in Israel. However, we rely heavily on donations from kind individuals who care about Israel’s hungry children or humanity in general. We appreciate all of the assistance we receive and make certain that every dollar is directed to the correct location.

You may help us right now by contributing! Even a small donation can make a big difference in the lives of many people, especially hungry children in Israel.

Providing Food For The Hungry Children of Israel

As a non-profit, we do everything we can to combat poverty, hunger, and food insecurity in Israel. However, we rely largely on donations from kind people who care about children or mankind in general. We appreciate all of the help we get and make sure that every dollar gets to the correct place.

You can help us by donating right now! Even a tiny contribution can have a significant influence on many people’s lives.