An Interview with a Flight Attendant

Aiming to leave the nine to five? Desiring for taking a trip to new destinations? A job as a flight attendant may be simply the thing for you, yet is it as enjoyable as it appears? What is it like?

To learn, we spoke to a steward.

What’s your job history? Did you work in the travel sector previously?

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Flight Steward: My history remains in customer support; I have operated in financial, health, and fitness, as well as employment, but never travel.

Was travel a passion for you? At what point did you think this could be an occupation for you?

I’ve liked traveling as well as thought being a steward would be cool work, yet I came across this job by fluke. I stumbled on an ad for a steward job as well as used, never thinking I would even get a meeting. However, I did as well as below I am, living the desire.

What sort of training is needed to become a steward?


To end up being a steward, you usually require to have experience operating in some kind of client service environment. You’re always dealing with people, so you need to have a positive personality as well as be willing to work hard.

When you are hired you undergo initial training, which is a difficult 5 to 8 weeks depending upon which business hires you. The most important part of training is connected to trip safety and security, and you cover it all, from putting out fires, as well as giving first aid, to leaving an entire plane in documented time. There are routine tests as well as those that do not pass are cut quickly, so you truly require to be prepared to function as well as study hard to get through.

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