What is White label Facebook ads? Facebook as an advertising platform

1 billion out of an entire population of 7.9 billion people in this world have an account in Facebook. According to recent studies, a user spends an average of 58 minutes per day on Facebook. This means Facebook is an enormous global platform and has a huge potential as a worldwide digital market. Its reach is beyond the physical boundaries of a country, language, culture and age groups. Even without a strong internet connection Facebook is easily available. Hence there is a massive number of potential buyers. White label Facebook ads is when Facebook buys a company’s ads and provides the platform to present it to its users under the name of the brand or company. Note that here Facebook does not take any credit for the advertisement and is simply acting as the middleman between the advertiser and the consumer. When it comes to advertising on a social media platform, Facebook is the first choice of most companies.

White label Advertising services:

A white label Facebook ads advertising agency acts as a service provider or a third party seller for you to advertise for your clients in your brand or company’s name. It does not take credit for the services provided. You form a contract or partnership with such a service providing agency to deliver qualitative Facebook advertising services for your current and future clients. You will act as a mediator whereas the white label Facebook ads specialist will work in the background. For your customer, it is you who will provide the service and therefore they will make all dealings with you.

Why use Facebook ads?

A white label Facebook ads agency provides marketing services for other agencies, businesses or even individual consultants. Using Facebook ads as an advertising or marketing strategy is preferred due to its numerous benefits:

  1. Facebook ads draw traffic to your client’s website.
  2. Your competitors are benefitting by using Facebook ads.
  3. Facebook provides with a lot of potential as well as existing customers.
  4. Fast promotion of your client’s site.
  5. You can easily target ideal buyers. This is known as micro targeting and is based on the consumer’s interests, age range, connections, language, location, behaviour and several other reasons.
  6. Brand awareness for your client’s business.
  7. The cost per acquisition for Facebook ads is fairly low.
  8. Facebook ads have an interesting and attractive way of alluring quality leads.
  9. Highly customizable ads which can satisfy your client’s needs. The ads are curated based on what you wish to achieve with these advertising campaigns for your client’s business.