What Is A yoga towel For?

You’ve probably noticed that many of the most followed Instagram yogis all have yoga towels in common. But I don’t understand the purpose of a yoga towel. And what’s the point, exactly? To enhance your yoga practice at home or in a studio, you will need a yoga towel. They help you focus during meditation and relieve pain during exercise. The mat will last longer if you use them, and they also keep it clean so, let’s investigate this sometimes disregarded tool and learn the proper way to utilize a yoga towel:

  • Yoga towels are super useful, especially if you sweat a lot during your practice.
  • Yoga towels are great for hot yoga because they help you stay dry and comfortable.
  • Yoga towels can help you avoid slipping and sliding on the mat during yoga practice.
  • Yoga towels can help you avoid skin infections by keeping your body clean while practicing yoga.

What Is A Yoga Towel?

A yoga towel, also known as a yoga mat towel or a microfiber towel, is an absorbent cloth that you can use to wipe the sweat off your body during a yoga practice. It’s not the same thing as a bath towel or beach towel because it’s specifically designed to be gentle on your skin while preventing moisture from dripping onto the floor—and it works by absorbing sweat without leaving lint behind.

How Do I Use A Yoga Towel?

  • Use it to wipe the sweat off your face and body. When you have a yoga towel, there is no need to use a regular towel that will dry you up even more. Your skin can breathe and stay cool throughout the practice by using your yoga towel for wiping off sweat.
  • Use it to wipe off your mat. If you’re practicing on a slippery surface or outdoors, using a regular towel might be hard on you because of its size and weight; however, with a yoga towel in hand, wiping off your mat will not be an issue at all!
  • Use it to keep your hands from slipping on the mat during downward dog or plank pose. This is very important because if both hands slip out of place during these poses then it could lead to serious injuries that may spoil the entire session for you.

Why Is Cotton Not The Best Material For A Yoga Towel?

  • Cotton towels are not absorbent, and they don’t last long. They’re also eco-unfriendly because of the pesticides used to grow them (if you care about that kind of thing).
  • Cotton is not soft, either; it’s rough and scratchy on your skin. And after a few uses—or even one use—it can start to smell musty from oil or sweat getting absorbed into the fibers.
  • It takes a lot longer for cotton towels to dry than synthetic ones do, which makes them less sustainable if you’re using paper towels instead of washcloths or handkerchiefs.

Yoga Towels Can Transform Your Practice And Your Life.

To enhance your yoga experience, try using a towel. In addition to keeping you from slipping on the heated yoga mat, they can help you concentrate on your practice. They can also protect you from harm, which is especially useful if you have health conditions like joint pain that make it uncomfortable to sit on the floor. Last but not least, using a yoga towel to wipe your hands and face before and after class is a great technique to avoid spreading germs.