What is a Faith Based Recovery Program?

Faith based recovery program is a recovery based program. It usually has a very comprehensive approach in its treatment. It is basically based on the psycho, bio, social or spiritual model of treatment of addiction. It has been proven by research with concrete evidence that spirituality is a very important aspect while being part of the transformational change that a person goes through to ensure longer sobriety. The program helps in the treatment of addictions and has proved to be very beneficial over the years.

The team that deals with faith based recovery program consists of a number of spiritual leaders, support staff and clinicians who are very experienced. Their focus remains on helping and guiding their clients in developing the networks of their own resources in the community and making them connect with the faith that they choose to follow.

What is the purpose of a faith based recovery program?

The main purpose of the drugs and alcohol rehab is to teach their patients and to help them modify their habits of substance abuse by trying to reinforce the link between choices related to lifestyle and morals based on faith and other teachings related to behavior. Ordained spiritual leaders deal with faith based recovery and these leaders or counselors have personal experience with such treatment. Therefore, they can act both as an instructor and a role model for the patients.

The benefit of such addiction recovery through faith based recovery program is that these inculcate a support group of people who are like minded and also includes mentorship and counseling that helps align with the values that you believe in. Relapse is a very unfortunate thing and has symptoms of addictive behavior which are common across all individuals who share different faiths. It is because of this reason that such programs also include support to an individual through and an aftercare program that helps strengthen an individual’s relation with God and recovery.

These programs do not usually end after the completion of an IOP, but they also provide ongoing alumni care and with complete peer support services. After the completion of the recovery program, you become a fellow member of the alumni who continue to seek recovery and God and they continue to support each other and contribute to the recovery of the entire community and the place where they worship.

If you wish to join a faith based recovery program then you could be assured of continuous guidance and support as per your needs and the preferences that you convey. They can also help assess your needs physically, spiritually and psychologically and can create a customized personal and specific faith based recovery program which will be in accordance with your own religion and beliefs. They provide personal i.e. person to person as well as group therapy sessions according to the needs that get assessed during personalized programs.

Thus, it can be useful to go for a faith based recoveryprogram because it will prove to be beneficial for the addictions that the individual might be facing and would be done as per the convenience of the individual.