Unique Features Of Driving On Less Grippy Surfaces

A typical theory lesson in one of the 12,000 driving schools nationwide. At the front, the teacher explains the unique features of driving on less grippy surfaces. “In this case, the ESP intervenes to provide support,” he says, before throwing words such as oversteer and understeer into the learning group, only to then come to the right of way. But much remains unexplained.

What Is An Aluminum Rim?

Almost every used car advertisement includes the highlighted term “aluminum rims.” The only thing hidden behind this is the rim material – namely aluminum. Nowadays, this has mainly optical advantages because, with their silvery look, aluminum rims look more appealing than their steel counterparts. However, aluminum rims often cost more, are much more sensitive to dirt, and are more challenging to clean because of their color. Incidentally, other terms also apply to the “round”:

  • The rim is just the metallic “basic structure” for the tires
  • Tires are the rubbers that make contact with the road. The correct tread depth of the tires is also necessary.
  • Wheels describe the combination of rim and tire.
  • Simply put, the drag coefficient describes the aerodynamics of a car.

What Is The Drag Coefficient?

“The c w value of just 0.22 makes it the best in its class” – a phrase that can be found in every car magazine. Theoretically, the c w value is only for engineers because the abbreviation conceals the flow drag coefficient. In practical terms, however, the c w value explains how streamlined, and thus aerodynamic a car is – the lower the number, the less force is required to move the vehicle through the surrounding air.

And this makes the c w value relevant for fuel consumption – the better the airflow slips over the round shape of a car, the less resistance. This is why many vehicles are so similar today – because the current works independently of the vehicle manufacturer. Check the auspicious vehicle plate numbers (ตรวจ สอบ เลข ทะเบียน รถ มงคล which is the term in Thai) here