Things To Remember While Using A Ring Size Chart

Christmas and New Year are occasions of celebration, joy, and family time. But what glorifies these holidays is the opportunity to gift something to your family, friends, and significant others. Moreover, it is also the perfect occasion to spoil and reward yourself with a ring for working hard.

So if you are also planning something similar, you will need a ring size chart to find your perfect size. After all, it is a huge investment that one cannot make every other month.


Why a size chart?

Our bodies and fingers come in all shapes and sizes. Some people have broad knuckles and thick fingers, while others have elongated and thin fingers. Some people like to buy diamond rings, while others prefer wide bands for everyday use. Owing to this diversity, finding a size true to yourself becomes an unaccomplished task.

Thankfully, ring size charts do the job within a few seconds. Despite that, one must remember a few things while using them.


Mind the temperature

It is no longer a lesser-known secret that our bodies react to the surrounding temperature. For instance, extreme cold weather shrinks our fingers, while a rush of blood in our body after working out makes our hands look big. Therefore, a warm temperature is ideal for measuring your ring size.


Take enough time to make the decision

Not dedicating enough time to your shopping trips is something that buyers generally regret. Therefore, always measure your ring more than once to avoid such disheartening situations.


It is essential to remember that your new ring should not strain your muscles but at the same time, should not be too loose to slide off unknowingly. After all, a properly sized accessory makes it hard to lose. Therefore, using a ring size chart is essential, especially for online shopping. It makes a tedious job eas than you think and consumes less time.


Finalize the ring type

Before beginning your hunt to find the perfect ring, you must finalize your ring type. It is because many times different styles demand different fitting on your finger. For instance, wide rings of about 6mm or more require more space than other rings. In such cases, an allowance of up to 0.25-0.5 size for these rings.

Apart from this, you can also look for adjustable rings that make resizing an easy task.


Knuckle size is essential

Some people have broad knuckles and thin fingers that can be troublesome for finding a well-fitted ring. In such instances, online shopping only adds to your already existing heap of burden. It is why people must always measure both the base of their finger and knuckles while using a ring size chart. Doing this will help you find a ring that slides over the knuckle easily and is still not too big to sit on the base of your finger.


So the next time you feel scared to order a ring online, keep these things in mind. Make the most out of Black Friday sales and other advantageous opportunities.