Things One Should Know About Tcas Chiang Mai University

The admission process in Tcas Chiang Mai University [tcas ม ช which is the term in Thai]

 is only for international and bilingual students. The university maintains all the protocols of the TCAS system. But has some different codes of conduct, and all the students have to follow the steps. The student belonging to that country can easily apply for all the courses. But in the case of international students, all the courses are different. Presently the university is taking twelve programs for international students, and for bilinguals, only one program is available. The eligibility criteria is not the same for everyone and it changes according the course. The criteria are also different for the international students and the bilingual students.

Different Admission Policy

The university follows two different tracks for admission.

  • The first track is for those students who do not have any final examination certificate. This track is also for those students who do not have any certificate in the English language. The students can take the admission process but have to score well on the English proficiency test.
  • The second track is for those students who have all the current examination certificates. The English language certificate should also be there on this track. Hence all the students can apply for this program.

Procedures for Code Conduct

After the selection process, the student has to reply to the offer immediately. If not replied properly, then the entire selection process will get cancelled. The student has to select only one field out of all the options for further clarification. The applicant has only three chances to change its faculty. But it has to be selected during the process of acceptance. If there is a change of decision, then within that stipulated time, the applicant has to inform the changes. Otherwise, it will not be acceptable later on. Hence you have to be very careful while doing this final selection process.