Rolex Utilizes a Costly as well as Difficult-To-Machine Steel Since It Looks Better

Numerous watch enthusiasts recognize the fact that Rolex utilizes a type of steel that no one else utilizes. Stainless steel is not the same. Steel can be found in different kinds, as well as qualities, and most steel watches are made from a sort of stainless steel called 316L. Today, all the steel in Rolex watches is made from 904L steel, and as far as we understand, practically nobody else does.

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Rolex utilized the same steel as every other person does, yet in around 2003 they moved their whole steel production to 904L steel. In 1988, they launched their first 904L steel watch with a few variations of the Sea-Dweller. 904L steel is more rust as well as deterioration immune, as well as is somewhat more difficult than other steels. Most important to Rolex, is that 904L steel, when functioned properly, has the ability to take, as well as hold, polishes unbelievably well. If you’ve seen that steel on a Rolex watch looks different than other watches, it is due to 904L steel, as well as how Rolex has learned to deal with it.

A natural question is why doesn’t everybody else in the watch industry usage 904L steel? A great guess is because it is extra pricey, as well as more challenging to make. Rolex needed to replace the majority of their steel working devices and equipment to deal with 904L steel. It made good sense for them due to the number of watches they generate, as well as due to the fact that they make all their components in-house. The majority of other brand names obtain their cases made from outdoors suppliers. So, despite the fact that 904L steel is better than 316L steel for watches, it is costlier, requires special tools, as well as skills, and is generally harder to deal with. This has stopped various other brands from making the most of it, as well as is something special that Rolex has. The advantage is apparent once you handle any steel Rolex watch.