Planning Guide for your Ovan Marks Pool

Having a swimming pool is always an awesome addition to any backyard. Kids of all ages would always want to spend a day at the pool and having your pool at home is more economical since you won’t have to spend money to go to water parks or public pools.

However, building a swimming pool is not that easy. Several things must be considered. But for the most part; if you are planning to undergo this home project; then your best bet is getting an above ground pool.

Benefits of an above ground pool


An above ground pool is a great option for families who are on a tight budget. The cost of these pools is relatively low compared to the traditional inground pools mainly because you won’t need a lot of materials, to begin with, and you won’t have to spend on excavation and the materials needed for the process.

Quick and easy set-up

Installation of above ground pools can be really fast and easy! If your intended space is ready for installation; then you won’t have to wait long for the pool to be ready. Plus, you can even find DIY pool kits which can be assembled in a jiffy. But if you don’t want to do it; then you can always contact the experts from Ovan Marks Pool to get the job done.

Easy repair and maintenance

Most above ground pool designs are easy to maintain mainly because of their size and structure. Overall, homeowners with above ground pools will be able to save more money and time because these pools may need lesser chemicals and repairing the pool is also easier because of its accessibility.

How to set up your above ground pool?

Check your local building codes first.

This is to ensure that you will not be violating any laws concerning putting up structures in your community. You also have to consider if there are any underground cables, roots or pipes or even overhead trees or power lines that may affect the location of your pool.

Check the location or space.

An above ground pool must be situated on level ground and it should be on top of the soil which has not been treated with any chemicals, especially the petroleum-based kind. It is very important to properly prep the area for the pool so that you will not have any problems in the future.

Use the right pumps and filters

A pump and filter are essential in making sure that the water inside the pool is clean and circulated. For this part; consult with the pool experts so they can recommend the right size or design for the pump and filter.

Trust the experts

Not everyone is skilled or a handyman of some sort. If you are not too confident with your skills; then it is best to consult the experts and ask for tips or recommendations that can help the pool stay resistant to wear and tear.