Magic Shrooms – Anxiety and Depression

Shrooms, sometimes known as psilocybe fungi or shrooms, are a kind of mushroom found in nature. The fungi grow on the underside of stems in damp, dark forests and at times even in abandoned underground shafts. Sometimes called the “coffee mushrooms” because of their odor, shrooms are very aromatic; hence the name. They have been used in foods, medicine and spiritual rituals since ancient times. These days they are considered quite good-tasting.

Shrooms contain psilocin which is the main active ingredient. This chemical has several effects on human beings and helps in curing certain illnesses and is useful in improving memory, concentration, and the ability to focus. In some rare cases, psilocin has also been found to have a positive effect in curing heroin addiction. However, many researchers are still not sure about the long term effects of psilocybin or shrooms in humans. Some studies have reported that the drug can reduce anxiety and enhance concentration and memory, but this effect may be temporary.

Shrooms have become very popular with people who use magic mushrooms for drug use, especially as it has been found out that they are 100 percent safe when it comes to drug use. However, people who have taken mushroom poisoning are in serious trouble and need immediate medical attention. The toxic substance in this mushroom is psilocin and its accumulation in the body can lead to toxic problems like nervous breakdown, kidney failure, coma, amnesia, respiratory failure, and even death. To avoid these fatal consequences, take shrooms in reasonable quantities while having recreational drug use.

Psilocin affects serotonin levels in the brain, and leads to an elevated state of anxiety, panic attacks and obsessive behavior. Some users even testify about racing heart, hot flashes, severe sweating, profuse sweating, and other symptoms that resemble the classic symptoms of anxiety. When people take large amounts of magic mushrooms they tend to experience prolonged panic attacks that cause them to flee from the real world and ultimately lose control of their life.

Many young people turn to magic mushrooms to alleviate their social anxiety when coming across a crowd of people they do not know. Even though the mushrooms seem harmless to the user, their sudden appearance of strange symptoms often scares young crowds and causes them to be terrified. When taking shrooms for a trip you should be aware of the possible side effects and you should never consider taking the drug without getting the medical advice of a professional. This is the best way to avoid any untoward incident on your trip and to get back home in one piece.

Shrooms can also be used by drug addicts and alcoholics to alleviate their mental illnesses because they are highly effective in treating anxiety and panic disorders. Although the medicinal effects of shrooms may seem to be very effective and efficient, they have very negative side effects that are as dangerous as the illnesses they treat. In fact, taking large doses of magic mushrooms can cause serious medical issues such as depression, heart attacks, and psychotic disorders. The medicinal benefits of this natural herb are just a small part of the complete picture of this powerful and beneficial drug, but it is certainly important to consider its potential side-effects while considering using it to treat anxiety and depression.