Interesting facts about the history of casinos

Casinos have been existing for the longest time now. Regardless of the numerous critics, UFABET has grown as a sport and even become lucrative for some smart business minded investors. To however plan for the future, one needs to understand what the past was like. Have you ever wondered what gambling could have been like a few years ago? Aspects like chipsets and slot machines have evolved greatly. Understanding some of the oldest games to ever be played at a casino can help you comprehend factors like return to player rate among other factors. The following are some of the unique facts you never knew concerning gambling as a sport.

First casinos ever were in Italy 

You may think just because major casinos have been cited in London and Las Vegas that is where casinos actually began. The first ever casinos in the world were built in Italy a place called Venice. This was centuries ago dating back to the year 1638 and through different establishments, the concept has been spread effectively on a global stage. As an online casino player, knowing the history of casinos and aspects like chips and slot machines could help you understand gambling better.

Baccarat is the oldest game in casino history 

You are terribly wrong if you thought you are older than most of the casino games you have played. Baccarat is a game that dates back to around 700 years back in time. This makes it older than most games you will enjoy in a casino and definitely older than you. The games is mentioned severally from around the year 1400.

Gambling was illegal in Rome

Gambling is still illegal in most countries around the world. It was however a highly prohibited activity in Rome. It is rules like these that made romans invent the chipsets years ago. When raided by officers, the chips seemed meaningless and just like that gambling was cultivated in Rome. The chipsets were only later assimilated to casinos to reduce the need for heavy cash while in a casino. Gambling was punishable by jail term or hefty fine or both back in the ancient Rome.

Slot machines were first made in 1887

The dates certain casino tables and game machines were made can be uncertain but not slot machines. 1887 is the year that the first slot machine was made. Charles Fell was the master mind behind this great invention even though it is not what we see today. Numerous adjustments have been made making it more relevant to the existing market.

8 Years was how long the longest poker game took

Poker games can take considerably long when the players decide to go all out on each other. On such game in the year 1881 went on record as the longest poker game every. This game was played in Arizona and took 8 years to come to an end. Yes, the players definitely had to take short breaks to sleep and refresh but the game operated on a 24-hour timeline.