Social Media

Instagram- A Complete Guide to Maintaining a Commercial Account

What to write about?

To be subscribed to, your account must be interesting and lively . Why subscribe to online store cards?

So, first you need to come up with headings for yourself that you will write about and draw up a weekly red plan for a month. What headings to choose?


In this section, you talk about your product or service. Examples of finished work, your unique trading advantages – everything is here. Yes, this is direct advertising. So that the user does not get tired of it, your ad must be interesting. Come up with an original pitch, create your own unique style, launch a mini-series about the adventures of your product. Even the most mundane product, which is no different from its competitors, will benefit from its counterparts due to the influence of cool content.


Make useful content about your business. For example, if you own a hair salon, ask your hairstylists to make a series of videos showing simple styling options that anyone can do at home. And then post them in doses: for example, once a week: and your followers will be waiting for the next series. A variety of life hacks, advice from experts – all this will keep your subscribers and play on your image of experts in their field.

Social proof

Simply put, your customer reviews. Very desirable – with a photo of the happy owner of your product. If you make friends with your followers, they will give you a lot of content. To generate a stream of reviews at the initial stage, you can run a promotion on your Instagram – for example, your follower will receive a discount on the next order for a review with a photo. You can buy Instagram followers from Goread and  to take your business to another level.

The team

Designed a robot out of yogurt bottles in the office, went snowboarding with the whole team, or had a Star Wars-style work day? Tell  about it on social networks. Let people find out from whom they buy goods – from cool guys with a great sense of humor. We put all this into the excel: we set the headings for certain dates (they must alternate), for each heading we come up with a topic for the post. And we start working according to the plan!

By the way, when it comes to funny videos, memes and quotes of great people, definitely not. There are special folders for this.

How to arrange it?

Instagram is a social network for visuals. Therefore, it is necessary to make a good beautiful picture. It is the images that attract attention in the feed.

Remember that unique content is always cooler than photos from the Internet. Your DSLR with a whale lens and an iPhone camera will do. The main thing is to make the photo unusual, to add a chip to it. Set up a creative backdrop in your office to photograph your products against. And bring in all sorts of cool things to photograph your product with: a toy Darth Vader, grandma’s favorite table lamp, an ash of unknown origin – fantasize.