Different Types of Custom Leather Holsters

The most common hostler materials are leather, nylon and Kydex. All of them have their weakness and strength and are good for a specific job. When it comes to holsters then leather is a solid choice. Custom leather holsters are a combination of comfort and durability. They are soft and strong enough for protecting your gun for decades.

Benefits of custom leather holsters –

Custom leather holsters keep your gun safe and secure. It is strong, resilient and simple to handle. Leather holsters are used by the military forces for so long. You can purchase the product in different sizes, shapes and prices.

The biggest advantage of custom leather holsters is durability. They are safe, reliable and last for longer. The only issue you face is repairing. Furthermore, leather products look attractive and nothing can beat the basic beauty of leather.

As compared to nylon and Kydex, it is a perfect alternative for IWB carry. You will feel comfortable after carrying your weapon in an IWB leather holster for hours. The custom leather holster also enables you to silently take out your weapon from the holster. This is not the case with products like Kydex. Finally, leather holsters are used for so long. So, you can search for your product from a variety of options available.

Top 5 types of custom leather holsters –

1. 2010 for export USP system

It is designed for 24*7 comfort. The product keeps the gun close to your body. Some unique features of the product are – full access to the group, deep hand-molded for a smooth draw, double stitched for durability at stress points.

2. Custom LH04 Cowboy Rig

If you are searching for speed, then the product is great for you. The product is unique because for fast competitive draws its fronts have been cut down. Furthermore, it is prepared from the high-quality and lab-tested materials.

3. Custom double rig

The product is prepared from high-quality American leather. Take a look at the brief description of the product. Size-40C, caliber-.357, color- chestnut, finish- basket weaved.

4. Ruger SP101 holster

The Ruger SP101 is the best-selling revolver in the U.S. It is perfect for daily use due to its small frame. The revolver is best-selling but finding its holster is quite challenging. Only some reliable holster makers like Kirkpatrick leather makes high-quality holsters for carrying Ruger SP101. They offer a variety of options according to your expectations and bankroll.

5. Custom deputy marshall – Model 1945C

The custom deputy marshall is a mixture of functioning and impressive look. Its belt is durable and comes with a 3-piece stainless-steel buckle. The rig is hand-tooled with different custom patterns than other rigs.

Final thoughts-

Custom leather holsters are durable, safe, secure and comfortable. You can shop them either online or offline. However, for some unique perks, it is suggested to prefer online stores. Before purchasing the product, look at its features, pros and cons. Finally, purchase the high-quality product available at the lowest prices.