Buy a Turtle Earring to Support the Endangered Sea Turtle

A turtle earring is the perfect accessory to add to your casual or dressy look. This stud earring is made of bronze and 24k gold plated sterling silver. The shell is carved to resemble a sea turtle, which is considered a symbol of tranquillity and long life. These earrings are sold at an affordable price and come with a certificate of authenticity and a pouch from Guy Harvey. These stud earrings are a great way to show your love for the sea turtle, while supporting a good cause.

When purchasing your turtle earring, make sure to check the measurements and the weight of the turtle to ensure that it fits properly. These earrings are generally made of 18K white gold and are available in single and double studs. The stud is only one dimensional and is 1.2″ long. The flower is 4.5mm (3/16″ in diameter), and the earring is 1 7/16″ long. It weighs 1.1 grams.

The sea turtle earring blank is made of hardboard and measures 1.2″ long. The shell is 0.75″ thick. The earrings do not come with any hardware. These are single sided with a dark wood color, and double sided with a glossy white sublimation coating. This file is a wonderful resource for creating the perfect pair of turtle earring.

This sea turtle earring is available in solid 18K white gold, and is one earring stud. The turtle is found only on the coasts of Florida and Ecuador and is one of the most endangered species on the planet. They can hold their breath for several hours, depending on the temperature of the water they are in. They are also extremely resistant to corrosion, and the earrings are made from solid 18K white gold or silver.

These earring blanks come with the instructions to create one pair of earrings. The blanks are 1.2″ long and 1/8″ thick, and have a flower size of 4.5mm or 3/16″ inch. The earrings weigh 1.6 grams. A turtle hoop earring is the perfect accessory to adorn your beach outfit. You can purchase these studs from many online retailers.

A turtle earring is a beautiful way to show your love of this beautiful creature. They are available in silver and gold, and can be crafted from solid 18K white gold. A sea turtle is the largest hard-shelled sea turtle and is also the most endangered. Despite its beauty, sea turtles are very unique and can be a wonderful addition to your wardrobe. If you are looking for a unique piece of jewellery, a sea turd earring is a beautiful choice.

A sea turtle is a popular choice for stud earrings. This earring is made of sterling silver and features a beautiful 10mm turtle. Its shell is made of 14k gold and has a shine that will be both elegant and beautiful. If you’re looking for a turtle earring for yourself or a special someone, then a turtle earring is the perfect choice. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate the importance of the sea in your life.