What are the types of slot machine games?

An online slot game is something that will contain a spinning reels machine that will start to spin once a player presses the spin button on the screen. Once the rotation stops, the pay line (either the only pay line or the selected pay line) will fall over one character on each reel. These characters will form the winning combination and if this that you have guessed in the beginning, then you will win. There are several websites like lsm99 to play online slots. Let us discuss some of the varieties of slot machine games. 

Varieties of slots depending on the variation in reels and pay lines

Reel slots – If you take the history of slot machines, reel slots will be the pioneer. These are the traditional machines that will usually employ three reels. There would be ten characters to the maximum in these reels and you could find a single pay line to indicate the winning combination on them. With time, there came several advances in the slot machine world, and hence, the number of reels slots in the casinos is reducing these days. 

Video slots – As an advanced version of reels slots, you could play these slots virtually. Video slot machines will employ several reels ranging from nine to a thousand something. Also, there would be several pay lines in action instead of a single fixed one. You would have to choose the pay line you wish to find the winning combination at the end of the spin. Each pay line will have a separate fee and you have to pay it along with your bet amount to activate it. When the character combinations you guessed ends up below the activated pay line, you can take the winning amount. 

Variety of slots based on the payout amount

Progressive slots – These slot games are in no way different from video slot games in terms of gameplay and machine setup. But you would be playing with an expectation of winning the ever-increasing Jackpot amount instead of single fixed payout money. A casino that has progressive slots will have all the slots in the house connected allowing them to add a portion of the bet amount of every player starting a game to the Jackpot. Hence, the player who gets the right combination would take the Jackpot as a whole. Since the winning amount is high, the probability of winning frequently is less. 

Varieties of slots based on themes

Apart from the general features like pay lines and reels, you could also differentiate slot machine games based on their themes, if any. Themes will be any resemblances in the backdrop of your slot machines with any of the factor that is popular out in the real world. So, one could differentiate an ordinary slot from a themed slot. You would be seeing the characters on the reels having something to do with the background music and the animations used. There are several varieties in slot themes also.