How to Save Costs on Motor Trade Insurance

In average, all motor dealers prefer low-cost motor trade insurance. We’ve posted here about ways that can help minimise the cost of your coverage below.

You may help decrease the cost of your coverage by adjusting the coverage levels on your insurance and, where applicable, by installing security measures. The tips below might help you acquire a cheap motor trade insurance quotation

Savings discovered as a result of your policy coverage

Only drivers above the age of 25 are permitted.

Having drivers under the age of twenty – five on your insurance will significantly increase the cost of your coverage. A good practise is to thoroughly analyse people under the age of 25 and determine if they really need to drive the cars. If they are doubtful to have to drive the cars, it is advisable not to include them as drivers on the insurance.

Annual salary

Though yearly salary may seem to be less enticing than monthly salaries, you may save a significant amount on the costs of your coverage.

A wonderful idea here is to always save away a limited amount of cash during the year. As a result, when it time comes to extend, you will be able to reap the benefits from an annual amount savings.

Increase voluntary participation.

You will be compelled to pay an extra if you really need to file a claim. You can cut the amount of the insurance by raising the amount of the surplus.

Motor trade insurance quotations should be compared.

This may sound apparent, yet it’s amazing how many individuals are satisfied with their existing insurance company. Whenever it comes to updating your merchants insurance, always look carefully. By just researching, you might find yourself saving hundreds of thousands of pounds while retaining the very same level of coverage.

Because their programmes and pricing are always evolving, comparing quotations from multiple suppliers is always important. This implies that they could be competitive on the insurance requirements one year but not in the next.

You offer yourself the best opportunity of cutting costs on your motor trade insurance by taking the trouble to compare coverage.

No-claims bonus transfer

This actually only available to new car dealer. If you are relatively unknown to the auto trade and have a high individual no claims bonus. This is frequently mirrored or used to minimise the cost of the coverage.

There are no claims-based benefits.

Keeping a solid no claims bonus is one of the greatest methods to reduce insurance costs. By demonstrating that you can deal without making an error or making a claim, you demonstrate that you really are a competent operator.

Physical safeguards you can implement on your property

Your company will almost definitely have a location. By taking some of the security procedures listed below, you will most likely profit from lower traders insurance.

Additional Protection

Dealing away from home implies there is no one to monitor the situation, as you might if trading at house. You can increase security by using these basic actions.


If you are parking automobiles, make sure you have robust, solid walls in place to prevent anybody from stealing them while you are absent.