Fly Fishing Definitely Strengthened Our Family’s Relationship  

One of the trips our family of 4 takes every year is a short weekend road trip to go fly fishing. We switch the locations up most every year, but if we really like a place sometimes we’ll go back.

When my kids were younger they hated the trips. We’d have to bring so much stuff to keep them entertained if we wanted to be able to do anything at all while we were away. As they got older, things changed.

They started to gain an appreciation for nature, and all of our locales were beautiful. They enjoyed hiking and swimming in a lot of those places. And eventually, much to my great pleasure, both my son and daughter took an interest in fly fishing.

My son had occasionally shown some interest, but never enough to actually try. I wasn’t going to pressure either of them. They could decide for themselves what they liked and what they didn’t. Plus, there were plenty of other things that they could do now that they were older.

My wife and I taught them how to fly fish. It was a rocky start. We were encouraging and patient, which at times was a challenge. We didn’t want anyone to get discouraged and give up.

After plenty of consistent fishing time, my wife and I decided to buy the kids their own fly fishing equipment. We had discovered Trouts Fly Fishing, and there was one condition to us following through on their plan: the kids had to visit this site and educate themselves further on the sport.

I figured if they weren’t really committed to it, they’d hem and haw over having to do this “homework” that we gave them. Well, not a single peep from either one. Not even a sigh or an eye roll. They actually seemed anxious to get started.

They did it all without incident, and we ordered their equipment for them. They were so excited. So was I. Honestly, I was a little surprised that they were so happy about this.

We’ve taken many day trips to get them acquainted with their fly fishing gear. It seems like since we did this, something just clicked between the 4 of us, and we somehow grew closer. Not that we had a difficult relationship before, but now the kids were discussing their lives with us, and seemed really comfortable doing so.

The kids have continued to use their fly fishing gear. We certainly got our money’s worth. And what’s even cooler, the kids have consistently been visiting Trouts Fly Fishing website to further educate themselves on fly fishing.

I’m really grateful that we found this company. I really do feel like they’ve played a huge part in bringing my family so much closer. They’re awesome, and I highly recommend them.