บอลวันนี้ – and its history.

บอลวันนี้  can be considered to be among the most famous and widely played sports across the world. It is equally enjoyed and loved all across the globe. It wouldn’t be wrong to say, that football as a game has managed to unify all of us. This amazing game of football has an equally long and amazing history behind it. It can be said that in one way or another, every part of the globe has contributed to the evolution of this game.


Ancient China:

The game of Cuju was an ancient Chinese game. Is believed to have resembled modern-day football in more ways than one. Descriptions from the 2nd and 3rd centuries BC describe the method in which this game used to be played. It majorly revolved around the passing of a ball using one’s feet. This game is believed to have existed in the Han and Qin dynasty eras of imperial China.

Historians believe that this game soon travelled from China and reached the islands of Japan. The people of Japan soon adapted to this Chinese gift. They are also believed to have added various alterations to the original game. This Japanese variation of the Chinese game was referred to as kemari. In kemari, players stood in a circular formation and exchanged the ball by kicking it. The major motive was to make sure that the ball didn’t drop to the floor.


Ancient Romans and Greeks:

The ancient Greeks and Romans are well known for the various games and sports involving balls played and enjoyed by them. Some of these games involved the use of hands. While some others needed to be played using the feet. Some of these games are believed to have resembled the games of rugby and football played today. Vases painted with figures playing these games are seen from this era.

A certain roman political account describes a game event in which a player almost died trying to wrestle and save the ball from a member of the opponent team.


Native Americans:

One can easily find several references referring to traditional, prehistoric, and even ancient ball games. These games were played by various indigenous groups across the world. There have been several examples of people playing football-like games even before the game received its official name in the 18th century.


Football in its current form:


บอลวันนี้  has become a highly structured game. It has claimed a lot of international fame over the past few decades. Football has today become an extremely prominent sport that is enjoyed internationally. It has grown into a huge industry. Football is now widely practiced as a professional sport worldwide. It creates huge annual revenue that is comparable to very few other sports.

Football has evolved. It has its roots in various game practices all over the world. This is one of the factors that adds to its beauty. As a game, football is played by everybody. By children in the mud, teenagers representing their schools and institutions, and professionally by players worldwide.